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Verre miracle pour les oiseaux


Chaque année, des centaines de milliers d'oiseaux meurent après avoir heurté nos baies vitrées. Il existe désormais un nouveau verre, fabriqué en Suisse, que les oiseaux peuvent voir. Les premières fenêtres conçues dans cette matière ont été testées par Hans Schmid, ornithologue à la station ornithologique Suisse de Sempach.



Workshop on Birds and Glass in Vienna, April 2009

On April 29, at the invitation of the Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft, a workshop was organised in Vienna. It was dedicated to architects, construction experts, glass manufacturers and building authorities.
More Details: Anwendertagung (PDF 3.08 MB)

Conference on Birds and Glass in Vienna, February 2008

On February 26, at the invitation of the Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft, a conference took place in Vienna. This meeting was attended by about 40 people from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Good progress was made with visible patterns, whereas the experts remain sceptical, whether good effectiveness will be attained with UV-markings.
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Bird Safe Building Guidelines also for New York

Recently, as in Toronto, Bird Safe Building Guidelines (download) have also been launched for New York. A rich and instructive brochure has been published by the Bird-Safe Glass Working Group of the New York City Audubon Society. It includes many impressive case studies.
More Details:
Download: BirdSafeGuidelines (PDF 8.4 MB)

City Adopts Guidelines to Prevent Bird Collisions with Buildings

Toronto, ON - City Council unanimously adopted a resolution on January 31 that will protect migratory birds through controlling light from buildings, public education, and bird rescue. For all new buildings in Toronto, the resolution specifies «that the needs of migratory birds be incorporated into the Site Plan Review process with respect to facilities for lighting, including floodlighting, glass and other bird-friendly design features.»
Press release (PDF 17 KB)
Full Report (PDF 73 KB)

Ornilux - a German company launches the first bird-friendly glass

The first bird-friendly glass has been announced by Isolar-Glas GmbH. The results of an indoor study made by the Ornithological Institute of Radolfzell look promising. But unfortunately so far no scientific tests were made to test the effectiveness at real buildings, e.g. with varying light conditions. (download PDF 127 KB)

If they only had thought before...

The new TGV-line connecting Anvers with Amsterdam has already caused the death of thousands of birds. High transparent noisebarriers had cut up the habitats of birds. After protests from Dutch conservationist, the panes were replaced and equipped with stripes. It cost 23 million euros...
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