Vögel & Glas


All over the world glass takes a deadly toll among wild birds. Millions of birds out of many species collide with glass panels every year. This is causing a serious threat to many bird populations as well as a problem of animal welfare. However, until now this problem was greatly underestimated and lacks public awareness. Only a few scientific studies on this topic have been carried out. In addition, there is a serious lack of good information on effective prevention, especially outside English-speaking countries. The Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach and SVS / BirdLife Switzerland aim at improving this unsatisfactory situation. Thus, is meant to
  • increase public awareness
  • summarize the present knowledge and inform about current studies
  • inform about effective measures of prevention
  • promote further investigation
  • offer a platform for discussion of forward-looking solutions
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For more general information and policy issues please consider the handout of Dr. Daniel Klem, America's leading specialist on this topic.

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